Thursday, April 26, 2012

Head wound at Cardel Place

I was recently at Cardel Place in Northeast Calgary.  My two oldest kids attend a sort of preschool class there (which they love!).  We were almost home when I realized that I left my iphone there.  I went back.

My oldest daughter, who is now five and my son, who is 3 1/2 wanted to walk up the stairs.  We usually use the elevator, as my other two girls are almost 2, and 4 months.  I decided we could take the stairs; I had left the baby carseat in the van.  Up we went, I was carrying the baby facing out in one arm, and holding onto the 2 year old so she wouldn’t fall.

I tripped.

I fell forward, and from there it’s a little blurry, but my little baby was fine.  Makenna (2 year old) fell forward and cracked her head on the stairs.  She hit really hard.  I picked her up (in one arm?  I was still holding the baby), and saw a very large hole on her forehead.

And then there was blood.

It gushed, there was blood everywhere.  We got to the top of the steps and I ran toward the most people (it happened to be election day, so there was a polling station set up).  I sat on the floor and started hollering for help.  I was not calm, not cool and not collected!  I was nearly hysterical.  My little girl was bleeding so much.  The blood was pouring out of her head, pooling in her eyes, in her nose and her mouth.  I didn’t know if her nose was broken or if she had lost any teeth.  All I knew was that there was a hole in her forehead and she was bleeding non-stop.

The people around started to come to my rescue.  They took, my baby, so I could focus on Makenna.  The older two were taken aside and reassured. The first aid staff were amazing!  They came to me and took charge.  They managed to stop the bleeding, wrapped her head and helped us calm down.  The whole time this is going on, Makenna was screaming and pushing people away.  An ambulance was called, and when they arrived I was put on the stretcher with Makenna.  The staff stayed with us.  They asked me if there was anyone they could contact for me.  We tried to contact my husband, and my mom; neither of which were reachable.  The staff took their numbers and said they would continue trying.

On our way to the ambulance I mentioned my phone.  One of the staff said he had picked it up and put it in the lost and found.  He knew just where it was, and he would get it for me!  When he came back with the phone I managed to get a hold of my mom and my husband, both of whom had received calls from the staff.  The staff from Cardel Place followed me out while helping my other children, and loaded us into the ambulance.  They even gave my kids a box of Girl Guide Cookies!

Makenna ended up getting three stiches inside and five on the outside.  She did really well at the hospital, and is no worse for the wear.

I was so impressed with the help we got while we were at Cardel Place.  I don’t know how I would have managed without them there.  I want to thank everyone who was there, including Cardel Place staff,  the people who were working the polling station, EMS and the nurses and doctors at the Children’s Hospital.

Makenna now will have a scar on her forehead, that hopefully will fade in time.  I on the other hand I will have this nightmare engraved in my memory forever.  I am so grateful that there were so many people willing to help a harried Mother of 4!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tim Horton’s

I do not have to blog about how good Tim Horton’s is, we all know that it is a great place to go, for breakfast, for lunch or for coffee.  I am sure we have all been there countless times, and will go many more.
I went to lunch at Tim Horton’s at 347 Southland Dr SE.  My Mom and I take my three kids (4 years, almost 3 years, and 1 year) there on a regular basis, and have been doing so for years.  We have always enjoyed ourselves, and our biggest problem has been finding a table, because it it so busy.
When we got there today, it wasn’t so busy, as we were a little earlier then we usually arrive.  We found a table at the back no problem, ordered our food and ate.  My kids were being good, but being kids.  They were all on their chairs, and no one was having tantrums.  The baby was loud, and was screeching a bit, but not overly. 
We had finished our meal, and my Mom and four year old were at the counter buying doughnuts for desert (read – spending more money!).  The manager came over to my table and said “Its been 45 minutes”.  I just kinda looked at him, cause I was confused, I didn’t know what he meant.  Then he says, “Your kids have been screaming for 45 minutes, are you going to be here much longer?”  Standing there at my table, for everyone to hear.  I was very embarrassed, and insulted, especially since the kids were not being bad.  I told him I was leaving and not coming back, not that he cared I’m sure. 
I grabbed the stuff left at our table, and the two kids I had with me, went to the counter and told my mom we were leaving.  When she asked why, I told her in a not so quiet voice, that the manager thought my kids were too loud and had asked us to leave. 
As we still had doughnuts to eat we crossed the parking lot and sat on a grassy area to eat before we left.  While we were sitting there, an employee and a patron (the one the must have complained to get me kicked out?) came out and said, “You ladies forgot your drinks” and handed us our pops.  I said, “that is the least of the problem”. 
I will never go back to that the Tim Horton’s on 347 Southland Dr SE.  I was very hurt.  I mean really, it is a family restaurant, it has highchairs, and they serve doughnuts.  Give me a break.  Disappointed.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Theatre Calgary

Theatre Calgary is located in the Epcor centre in Downtown Calgary.  I love going to the Theatre.  You can buy seasons tickets, and I know a number of people who do this and are very happy with them. 

People used to dress up in their Sunday best to attend the theatre, but now the dress is much more informal.  Many different ages of people enjoy the Theatre, but I wouldn’t think young children would benefit from the experience.  You are expected to sit quietly through each act.

There is an intermission between the two acts, at which point you can get up and move around.  In the lobby you can get drinks, which can be pre-ordered, but don’t have to be.  I believe there is also ice cream treats for sale, but I have never had one.


For more information you can check out the website

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jubilations Dinner Theater

Jubilations dinner theater is a wonderful experience.  The waiters and waitresses are part of the cast, and are all dressed up in costumes.  The food is great, you get a four course dinner that is served before the show and at intermissions.  To start, you get a salad, soup and a dinner roll.  Then comes the first act.  Then you have four choices of entrees; usually they are beef, chicken, fish or a vegetarian (usually pasta).  Then comes another act, followed by two choices of desert and the final act.  The entrees are different for each show, but remain the same for the entire show.

I really enjoy going to Jubilations.  Although I have never taken my kids, I have seen  many kids there.  The show is fun for everyone.  I think they are all musicals, and it is very entertaining as they involve the audience.  They often have people from the crowd up on stage dancing with them!

Tickets range from $60 - $70 depending on which night you go, but it does include dinner and entertainment.  You can also get tickets from Costco, and I believe they are $100 for two.  This makes it much cheaper.

A show runs for approximately two months.  Their website has a list of upcoming shows as well as the current show.  Find out more at  I highly recommend it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is a great place to visit.  My kids love it, but I have seen so many different types of people there. Older couples, parents, grandparents, teens, kids, babies as well as handicapped people.


The Zoo is open year round, and is only closed two days a year – Christmas day and New Years Eve.  There are so many animals to look at, but they also strive to educate.  Most (if not all) enclosures have plaques outside with the animals information.  Over the years the homes of the animals have been enhanced so that their surroundings mimic their natural habitat.

543There are many different areas of the zoo.  There are the hippos and giraffes (and a new baby!) in the African Savannah; gorillas in the Transalta the Rainforest; Eruasia has tigers and camels. There is also the prehistoric park, Creatures of the Night/Australia, Canadian Wilds, Elephant crossing, and South America.


Dorothy Harvie Gardens has a wonderful display of flowers, and in one of the buildings (I believe it is the newly renovated Conservatory) is a wonderful butterfly garden. 

In the summer months there are many vendors open selling snacks, lunches and beverages.  In the winter and colder months the Kitamba Cafe is open, which offers snacks, lunches and drinks as well (it is also open all summer too).

There are two different areas with playgrounds, one is a large fenced area that has three different climbing structures with stated age ranges on them.  The other playground is by the tigers, and it is just for kids under five.  This is part of the Co-op kids zone.  There is also a kids train and a carousel, each of which you need to buy tokens for.568

You can buy seasons tickets for the Calgary Zoo.  We have bought them for the past two years, and I think they are fabulous!  We pack a lunch and head to the zoo and spend the day.

For more information and to buy passes you can visit

Monday, April 11, 2011

Indoor Beach Party!

6 058I don’t usually write about things that are private, but I thought this was so cool.  My Uncle turned his garage into an indoor beach party for the kids!

It is not nearly nice enough outside for kids to play in the water and the sand, so he set it up inside his garage. On one side of the garage he laid out astro turf (the green outside rug) for grass, and put a small pool filled with warm water.  On the other side was a plastic sheet (the kind used for construction).  6 063On the plastic was a pile of play sand, with sand toys.  There were some chairs set out for the parents to watch, and around the edge of the garage were some riding toys and push toys (the race track!).

6 088Since none of the kids were actually his (they were grand kids, and cousins and such), he put 6 062out candy, pop, chocolate and 6 075chips.  There were hot dogs for lunch.  (Not the diet most of us have in mind for our kids, but once in a while it’s alright!)

The kids had such a great time!  He had water balloons, and a little tykes kitchen, and they were allowed to play however they wanted.  They helped themselves to candy whenever they wanted (until parents had had enough), and were just kids.

What a great idea!  I think any garage could be set up for this (as long as it’s heated!) any time of year.6 055     6 071 6 072    6 089